• Refreshing Old Artwork for Free

    I felt like it was time for change. Spring was almost here and then it left again with the crazy snow we had yesterday. Most of the projects I like to do involve with being outside, spray painting, using power tools, bulk trash surfing, but since that wasn’t possible I figured I had to do something I could do inside.… [Continue Reading]

    Refreshing Old Artwork for Free
  • Beef & Garlic Festival 2016

    Back in October we were able to go to the Beef & Garlic Festival.

    Beef & Garlic Festival 2016
  • DIY Wool Dryer Balls

      We have an awesome selection of yarn at our 100 yen store and I was so excited when I discovered they had 100% wool yarn. I knew that I had to make some dryer balls! I have trying to move us towards a more natural, simpler lifestyle. We still have a lot that we need to transition on, but… [Continue Reading]

    DIY Wool Dryer Balls